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Creek and Meadow offers swine services for micro pigs all the way up to breeding sows and boars. We perform herd health consulting and testing. See the list below to find the service you’re looking for. If a service or test is not listed, call the office at 434-888-4040 for more information.

Welcome to Creek and Meadow Veterinary Hospital, where we provide compassionate and quality care for your swine, pigs, hogs, large and small. Whether you have a commercial herd or a few backyard pigs, we are here to help you keep them healthy and happy.

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Farm Calls and Haul-In Services - We can come to your farm or you can bring your pigs to our hospital. We have a fully equipped mobile vet truck and a spacious facility to accommodate your needs.

Examinations -  We perform thorough physical exams to assess the health status of your pigs and detect any problems early.

Routine Herd Health Work - We provide routine vaccinations, deworming, fecal testing, blood testing, and other preventive measures to keep your herd healthy and productive.  We can also design customized herd health programs based on your goals, management practices, and environmental factors. We can help you with nutrition, reproduction, biosecurity, and more.

Parasite Prevention Plans - We can help you develop parasite prevention plans based on the risk factors and parasite load of your pigs. We can advise you on the best dewormers, dosages, frequencies, and methods of administration.

Certificates of Veterinary Inspection/Health Certificates   

We can issue certificates of veterinary inspection or health certificates for your pigs if you need to transport them across state lines or to shows, fairs, or markets.

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Tagging/Identification - We can provide ear tags, microchips, tattoos, or other forms of identification for your pigs to comply with state and federal regulations and traceability programs

Reproductive Services - We can assist you with breeding management, pregnancy diagnosis, artificial insemination, embryo transfer, castration, and other reproductive services.

Routine Surgeries - We can perform routine surgeries such as castration, hernia repair, wound repair, and more. We use safe and effective anesthesia and pain management protocols.

Lameness Exams/Hoof Trimming - We can examine your pigs for any signs of lameness, such as limping, swelling, or pain. We can also trim their hooves to prevent overgrowth, cracks, or infections.

USDA Accredited We are accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to perform certain regulatory functions such as testing for swine diseases

Economical Vet Services in Lynchburg, VA
  • Leptospirosis vaccinations

  • Pregnancy exams

  • Pseudorabies testing

  • Internal medicine

  • Brucellosis testing

  • Hoof trims

  • Castrations

  • Health certificates

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